An introduction to MS Ventilation

MS Ventilation is a trading name of MS All Trades Limited, registered in Scotland SC412561, we are registered for VAT and have a physical presence at our offices in Beith, North Ayrshire, Scotland
We operate in all types of residential buildings be it, owner-occupier, tenanted, new build, self-build and multi-occupancy. Our engineers and tradesmen are used to working in peoples’ homes, treating them with respect. Our people will use temporary protection for floors, walls, doors etc. if required and clear up after themselves removing all waste from the customers' premises.
MS Ventilation prides itself in offering the following goods and services to the domestic ventilation market

  • Design - this can be from simply discussing a client need and advising on the correct extractor fan to be fitted, through to being involved with the design team for a new property designing in duct routes, plant rooms, floor and walls constructions
  • Supply – we can supply direct from our online store or provide full contract package costs with phased deliveries if required
  • Installation – our ventilation engineers are all qualified under the BPEC Services LTD ‘Domestic Ventilation Installer’ competent persons scheme (certificates available upon request). We will install single fans, to full whole-house ventilation systems e.g. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)
  • Set Up Commissioning Certification – following the installation of a fan or complete system there is always a setup procedure and paperwork to be completed, we carry this out for units/ systems that we have installed as part of the contract. We also provide this to the service system installers that require the documentation for the contract they are installing
  • Servicing Maintenance & Repair – all fans and ventilation systems will at some point in the lifespan of the equipment require one or all of these. We will carry out one-off service/repair jobs as well as entering into multiyear, multi-site contracts
  • Monitoring and Proactive Fault Detection – We have the ability to install smart controllers to new/existing ventilation systems to allow you, the customer, to monitor all of your systems remotely.  This means that any intermittent fan failures are reported before the fans fail entirely.  This allows you to organise servicing and repair work in advance so that there is no downtime of the unit.  Our system can be viewed on any internet-capable device from smartphones to desktop computers.  Your maintenance team can ensure that all of your ventilation units are running properly on the go through our web dashboard.  

MS Ventilation is your one-stop-shop for all your domestic ventilation needs.
We have been accredited Tier 1 distributor status for Nuaire Ltd residential products enabling us to offer our customers Nuaire products and services at competitive prices
Our technical team and the suppliers we work with will provide you, the customer, with the highest level of support from initial enquiry to the completion.