Ventilation Remote Monitoring

Over the last year, we have been developing our own smart controllers for ventilation units.  These allow us to remotely monitor the status of the ventilation systems remotely.  This reduces the need for maintenance officers to go into peoples homes to do checks on the ventilation.  It also means that servicing and repairs can be done before the unit fails completely as intermittent fan failures will trigger a warning on the dashboard.

This system is designed to work for large amounts of units across the country.  We currently have pilots across Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Our dashboard features a map with colour coordinated markers for each device so that maintenance officers can see at a glance that all units are running properly.

The most important feature of this system is that it can be viewed from anywhere.  Any internet-capable device can log in to the dashboard.  You no longer need to wait for tenants to complain about damp or condensation issues.  You will be able to see in real-time if the unit is beginning to fail and send someone to fix it before any symptoms become apparent to the tenant.

We also have the ability to remotely change the RPM of the fans, as well as controlling how often the system sends a packet of data.  We have the ability to send warning emails to give you notification of any fan faults.

This system is perfect for hard to access units, such as on roofs and in loft spaces.  There is no longer any need for maintenance officers to travel to the property, gain access and manually check units.  Everything can be done remotely from the office.

On the right is an example of some of the information we can display.