Ventilation Servicing, Maintenance & Repair

At MS Ventilation we have a team of ventilation engineers that can service and repair your ventilation units.  Our team has been working over recent years to service and repair many ventilation units around Scotland.  Ventilation servicing is extremely important to maintain your unit as filters and valves need to be cleaned and motors can wear out over time.  We have also noticed a large number of units are not being installed correctly.  Issues such as wrong duct type cause increased resistance.  We've also come across people who have installed the entirely wrong system for the job.  This can cause extra strain on the unit causing it to break down.  Some systems are so badly installed that they are not functioning at all, causing damp and black mould in properties.

Main Issues to look out for

Some main issues to look out for are:

  • Badly installed ducting - untaped joints can cause air leaks and reduce the effectiveness of the system.  All ducting should be supported if possible.  Unsupported flexible ducting is notoriously bad for causing resistance issues which will put increased strain on the motors.
  • Overuse of flexible ducting - following on from the previous point, flexible ducting has higher levels of resistance.  It should only be used as a last resort.  Ensure that flexible ducting is supported properly and has minimal bends.
  • Formation of condensation on windows - This is one of the main symptoms of ventilation systems not working properly.  The air in the property may also become stuffy - this is due to reduced air circulation.  This is the first sign that your ventilation system is not working as designed.  Make sure to get it serviced and repaired before black mould begins to form.

If you have noticed any of these issues please get in touch to arrange one of our engineers to come and service your ventilation unit.

Ventilation Servicing - Choked kitchen ceiling valve

Maintenance for Housing Associations

We also provide contract maintenance to housing associations.  Along with this, we have now developed a smart controller for ventilation units to allow housing associations to monitor the status of their ventilation units remotely.  This allows servicing and repair work to be carried out before the units fail entirely, reducing the chances of condensation and mould forming.  This system removes the need for maintenance officers to manually check their ventilation units.  Our system allows your maintenance team to check the status of the units from anywhere in the world - provided they have internet access.  This could be on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

Recent Projects

This unit in Edinburgh was situated on the roof of a block of flats.  The previous unit that had been installed was not suitable for multiple dwellings and did not meet building regulations.  We retrofitted this twin-fan unit which includes our smart controller and monitoring system. This allows the housing association to monitor the status of the unit remotely.  This unit was fitted with dampers to allow us to control the airflow through each branch of the system.  This ensures that all properties are extracting the correct amount of air.

Since the installation of this unit, the properties it serves have noticeably reduced condensation, damp issues are disappearing.  The air is also less stuffy than before.  Other tenants in the next block are still served by the old system and have reported condensation and damp issues.

This Centralised Mechanical Extraction Service was one of the worst we have seen.  A build-up of grime and dust completely blocked the ceiling valves. The unit had clearly not been serviced for many years. The motors were unable to pull the amount of air necessary to function properly.  The extra resistance caused by the blockages meant that the motors had to work harder than normal for long periods of time, causing extra wear.

The original installers for this unit also did not leave suitable access to the unit so a proper service was not possible until the water tank was removed.  This can be seen in the photo of the access hatch.

Furthermore, the system was installed with a high resistance external grill which puts even more strain on the motors.  This reduces airflow and makes the system work inefficiently and ineffectively.