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Bathroom Extractor Fan

bathroom extractor fan - flexible ducting stuffed into roof sarking

Today we were asked to check a tenants bathroom extractor fan, condensation was not being removed from the property.

When our engineer checked the extractor fan it was found to be in full working order. They then checked the ducting and roof terminal / cowl.

Fault Found

Ducting was not connected to roof terminal. The installer of the flexible ducting did NOT even bother cutting a hole in the roof to connect to the roof terminal.

Roof sarking broken, flexible ducting ‘stuffed in’

Effect of Fault

The condensation from the bathroom is extracted into the loft.

The loft is not ventilated so the condensation is being drawn back into the tenant’s home.

No roof terminal here, lazy incompetent installer


Install rigid ducting between the extractor fan and the roof terminal

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